The Human Experience Online

“The best teams of 2017 will engage users not as bags of data to be harvested, but as human beings who deserve good, useful, meaningful products and services that are honest and fair in their operations. This will require looking at people not merely as “users” of a technology, but as humans. And it will require looking beyond users to the communities they live in. Technology is a given today, so a focus on the HX – the human experience – will reveal how to build tech that really works for people – and benefits the team in the process.”   ~Mark Hurst, Creative Good

Now that web representation is no longer a novelty, how will you create the ‘human experience’ atmosphere for your site visitors?  As preached for 20 years by Creative Good, listen first to your customers.  Know what they want and what they need to be successful.  Clearly, the sweet spot is between too little and too much.  Honesty, trustworthiness and ingenuity will play a lead role.

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