Always Make Those Security Updates

Each orange dot is a unique infection by WannaCrypt ransomware as recorded by
Courtesy of

“So this attack is raising one of these fundamental issues that we talk about in the security world, about whether NSA surveillance protects people or creates unexpected damage that does more harm than good.”

“Wana Decryptor exploits a Windows flaw that was patched in Microsoft’s Security Bulletin MS17-010 in March. But on machines that haven’t been updated or patched, the malicious code encrypts all of an infected machine’s files — and then spreads itself.”

Always do your security updates promptly…

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Client Testimonial

“You have been a great asset to Data Services as we have worked through the database creation, SAS VA implementation, SharePoint portal for data collection and the list goes on. Can’t imagine trying to tackle all that without you.”

S. Lounsbury, SREB, Atlanta, GA